At Real Shellsource Limited, we are positioned to be a principal oilfield supply firm. We keep your production operating at full capacity and your downtime to a minimum, by stocking the highest quality products at competitive prices as well as maintaining a robust logistics network that ensures quick delivery onshore and offshore. We are experts in marine lifesaving and deck equipment ranging from survival, immersion and anti-exposure suits, lifejackets and buoyancy aids, lifejacket inflators, EPIRB, SART, life boats and Fast Rescue Boats.

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Engineering Equipment Supplies

Real ShellSource Limited from its inception has been involved in Oilfield supplies providing a complete range of equipments, parts, accessories and services for Oil and Gas related projects. We provide equipments ranging from exploratory, subsea engineering, to heavy duty vehicles and oil field maintenance/installation equipment such as piping accessories, process control equipments.

The company also provides a fully-integrated service to international suppliers and contractors seeking to supply their goods and services to the very thriving Nigerian Oil and Gas producing industry to enable them break easily through into an already highly competitive market.

RealShellSource over the years has built relationships with genuine sellers of AGO and serves as a facilitator to them. We also provide the necessary logistics support to foreign buyers in carrying out Q and Q.
RealShellSource as a facilitator can help prospective buyers in connecting with genuine sellers also providing on ground support to the buyers when the need arises during various aspects of the contract negotiation and execution.
Contact us to receive our procedures for various types of transactions namely Tanker Take over (TTO), and Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).
RealShellSource believes in developing long term, sustainable, value and its operational strategy is predicated on this. The downstream business in Nigeria is a low margin business and therefore, large volumes of products must be traded consistently to ensure profitability.
Our strategy is to trade large product volumes, improve logistics and reduce operational costs through the following means:
Enter into longer term supply contracts with offshore refineries (12-24 month term contract) to augment supply from the PPMC.
Own the value chain that supports supply, trading & distribution aspects of the business through:
- Acquisition of marine vessel to improve the efficiency of product supply and dramatically reduces the cost of operations.
- Acquisition/construction of storage facilities by coastline locations.
- Operation of customer facing retail outlets (filling stations)
Develop new markets outside Lagos, South west, south South Nigeria, and Northern Nigeria.
Diversify into additional product line, specifically PMS trading.
Become supplier of choice for NNPC. (Term supply contracts)
Acquire petroleum products haulage trucks for the improvement of supply to retail outlets. 

Valves & Actuated Controls

See our brochure for a complete listing of currently stocked equipment.

Major Equipment Groups are shown below:

  • Gauges, Electronic and Smart Transmitters Analyzers, Converters (I to P), Multivariable transmitters          
  • Valves, & accessories, replacement parts, diaphragm and controllers, Seals, & gaskets     
  • PPE & safety devices, Gloves, Fire retardant Coveralls, Goggles, Earplugs           
  • Hydraulic & Instrument air tubing and fittings, Couplings Pressure switches, solenoid valves      
  • Fire - Rescue SPs, Fire Extinguishers, Covers, Cabinets, Fire Hoses, Nozzles and other Accessories, Pumps and Liquid Storage
  • Pumps: HP pumps, LP pumps, submersible pumps from different manufacturers such as Dayton, Gould, Chemical Injection pump