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REAL SHELLSOURCE LIMITED is a “one-stop shop” service provider to the petroleum and energy sectors.

Image 05We built relationships with genuine sellers of Crude oil and serves as a facilitator
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At REAL SHELLSOURCE LIMITED, we believe in offering to clients the complete package.

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We also have some of the finest Personnel, change management consultants and engineers



We source, facilitate and manage expat project and field development personnel to ensure that they provide excellent services to client firms.

  • Manpower Consultancy
  • Major Construction Services 

  • Offshore Utility Supply/Utility Boats

  • Accommodation and Car Tracking & Fleet Management


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Real Shellsource and her other incorporated divisions are primarily an operations support, personnel and equipment Supply company bringing innovative solutions to you when performance matters most.

Why you should be counting on us

We offer the complete package and we are willing to go the extra mile; Personnel, Sales, Logistics and maintenance.

RealShellSource over the years has built relationships with genuine sellers of AGO and serves as a facilitator to them. We also provide the necessary logistics support to foreign buyers in carrying out Q and Q.