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Solving your challenges is our Business.… .

Real Shellsource and her other incorporated divisions are primarily an operations support, personnel and equipment Supply company bringing innovative solutions to you when performance matters most. You, an operations manager in a production platform, or a procurement coordinator in a drilling project and in the middle of a smooth operation, a key valve fails- we are the company you want in your speed dial because just name it, we stock it and what we do not have, we can get in the shortest possible time.

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REAL SHELLSOURCE LIMITED and its subsidiaries are a group of integrated oil services firms, focused on the provision of goods and services to the Nigerian petroleum and manufacturing industry. They are poised to keep clients focused on achieving their corporate goals by making their challenges our priority. We offer various products such as process control instrumentation, utilities and spares as well as key services such as manpower support, facility maintenance, construction, logistics and procurement.


The Group is blessed with people who have more than just a passing glance in the industry. With an average of 8 years managerial and field operations experience, you can be sure we know what we are doing.

Market Edge:

Why you should be counting on us

  • We offer the complete package and we are willing to go the extra mile; Personnel, Sales, Logistics and maintenance.
  • We ensure to deliver quality products from credible manufacturers, world-class customer service and support.
  • Price competitiveness: we believe in building a long term business relationship and not just in closing out deals. 
  • The essence of our business is in line with our vision to create long term relationships that will translate to the growth of clients’ businesses and the Nigerian Oil and gas industry at large, with mutual benefits to relevant players.




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REAL SHELLSOURCE LIMITED is a “one-stop shop” service provider to the petroleum and energy sectors.

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We built relationships with genuine sellers of Crude oil and serves as a facilitator

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At REAL SHELLSOURCE LIMITED, we believe in offering to clients the complete package.

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We also have some of the finest Personnel, change management consultants and engineers


Having an in-depth knowledge of the business climate, we at Real Shellsource Limited know that the success of our strategy requires us to proactively focus our corporate goals and drive efficiently to build on these foundations:

  • Focusing on our clients
  • pioneering new market innovations
  • having a keen pulse prevalent statutory policies

Simply put, until we are at the forefront of the industry and beyond that, we will never stop doing better

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